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Archive for February, 2015

Greece Talks Break Down Early

As expected, we saw no agreement between Greece and its creditors yesterday. Despite both sides of the table saying they were willing to negotiate into the night if needed, talks actually broke down before we left the office. The stumbling blocks remain the same, with Greece pushing for a bridging...

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Sunday paper overview from Valero financial

Sunday Business Post The Government is set to ease the tax burden on self-employed workers, this has been a major lobbying issue for ISME and others as it was penal to the self-employed and a long outstanding tax anomaly. One of the main reasons being the self-employed did not receive...

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Parking in Cork City?

Valero have recently started using Smart Urban Systems parking solutions and we are delighted with the flexibility and savings provided. Check out their website for further details:

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Coffee Break Report

Yesterday’s big surprises came two fold. One from Sweden, who cut their benchmark rate into negative territory, to -0.1%. The Riksbank is actually the first bank to change the main repo rate to a negative, with other central banks choosing to leave the main rate north of zero and...

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