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Archive for October, 2015

Budget 2016 Summary from Valero Financial

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Merrion Economics: Irish Quarterly Economic Outlook (October, 2015)

Merrion is releasing its latest Irish Quarterly Economic Outlook this morning       Irish Quarterly Economic Outlook (October, 2015)     GDP forecast to be up 6.0% in real terms this year and 5.0% in 2016 Broad-based recovery through buoyant exports and stronger domestic demand Unemployment rate to...

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6 Straight Days of Gains, But What Goes Up…

Momentum in Europe didn’t carry around the rest of the world yesterday, as the IMF a pretty dismal assessment of the global economy. The International Monetary Fund see risk of stagnation in G7 economies, as a result of faltering emerging markets and persistent low inflation – two things which...

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Elections, Interest Rates & Debt Ceilings

The first day of Q4 was more sedate than the last of Q3. With stock and bond portfolios balanced, investors played a very reserved hand in the market, probably not wanting to be the first one to take a significant long or short position, for fear that the rest...

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Morning Report

Significant month-end buying helped markets take the sharp edge off one of the worst months of trading since 2011. Adding to the month-end flows, was further speculation that the ECB would no longer be able to sit on their hands and would need to speed up the monetary printing...

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